Misfit Alpha’s Raison d’être

With each passing day, it gets harder to justify creating a new entity in finance & investing. We’re constantly barraged with an unending stream of push notifications, email alerts, social media posts, or whatever other trick in the book to get us to click, like, and subscribe. Many people looking for a share of your attention in this realm are incredibly smart, passionate, and eloquent. There are also plenty of outlets that lack these qualities.

I’ve grappled with the challenge of creating something in this realm for some time. What can I deliver to the financial & investing media world that merits your attention?

For over a decade, I’ve touched almost every part of financial media (writer, editor, podcast producer, copywriter, website optimization, etc). My “career” has also made me an unintentionally voracious consumer of financial media. All this time in this business, I have been left with one lingering question:

“Who the hell is this for?”

I have come to believe there is a widening gap between the type of information needed for an individual investor to succeed and the vast majority of what is presented to them through various financial media outlets.

This is my attempt at closing that gap.

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What is Misfit Alpha?

There is no better way for individuals to build wealth than to buy and hold great investments. That can be index funds, real estate, or individual stocks. I’m not here to discourage one over the other. The two significant challenges individuals to this kind of investing are

  1. Identifying the kinds of investments that meet the “buy and hold” criteria and

  2. The discipline to maintain this strategy over their lifetimes.

There are hundreds of individual companies that, over time, have generated returns above the broader market. Several companies are household names (Walmart, Amazon, Costco, etc.). These companies deserve every word written about them.

This is about those you haven’t heard about, why they don’t get the attention they deserve, and those that don’t deserve the attention they get.

Some of the things we will cover:

  • Deep dives of some of the greatest long-term investments right under our noses.

  • Quick glances at recent initial public offerings to see what is worth watching.

  • Examining the financial media’s disconnect between great investments and great content.

  • Musings on investor attitudes.

  • Quarterly updates of my personal portfolio.

  • And more.

What Misfit Alpha isn’t

While highlighting many great investments and discussing my positions, I will not make any buy or sell recommendations. We all need to develop our respective investment theses; otherwise, we will learn nothing along the way.

I won’t be your go-to source for frequent market news or analysis. Others out there can deliver on that promise immensely better than I could.

My promise for transparency

If I have a personal position in any stock mentioned, I will disclose that information in any piece. I also promise not to trade any stock three trading days before or after publication.

Also, I have affiliate partnerships with various businesses where I get a sales commission if you sign up via my site. I will let you know if I have an affiliate partnership with someone.

What you will get from Misfit Alpha

My goal here is to publish on a somewhat regular schedule. I strive for two pieces a week. Occasionally, I will make something free for everyone to enjoy, but most of it is behind a paywall.

I don’t want to waste your time with “writing for the sake of keeping a schedule” content. Your time and attention are valuable, so I’ll do my best not to waste it.

Free tier:

  • An extended preview of each published piece.

  • No additional emails or promotions to get you to upgrade.

Premium Tier: $20/ month or $200/year

  • Full view of each piece and access to the archives (as it builds).

  • View and discuss all the positions in my personal portfolio.

  • Become part of the conversation at the member-only Discord Server

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Exploring the world of overlooked investments. Why some of the greatest investments get ignored; why we spend so much time on the bad ones; and everything in-between.


Exploring the great investments hiding in plain site: Why we overlook them, why we spend time on bad investments, and everything in between.